Current Members

Lab Director:

Kara D. Federmeier, Ph.D.

Department of Psychology, Program in Neuroscience, and Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

Co-leader for the Illinois Language and Literacy Initiative

Past President of the Society for Psychophysiological Research

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Postdoctoral Researchers:

Ryan Hubbard, Ph.D.

Ryan is a Beckman Institute Postdoctoral Fellow. He received his Ph.D. from the Department of Psychology at the University of Illinois. He is interested in the relationship between aspects of language (e.g. semantics, contextual information) and memory, and how this overlap manifests in the brain. He is also interested in applying machine learning and multivariate analysis techniques (e.g. classification) to neuroimaging data.


Graduate Students:

Hui-Sun Chiu

Hui-Sun is a PhD graduate student and started her PhD journey in 2022. She is interested in human capacities for learning and her research interest focuses on memory (declarative memory) and language (comprehension and acquisition). She received her B.A. in the Department of English at National Taiwan Normal University and M.S. in the Department of Psychology at at National Taiwan University.


Will Deng

Will is a Ph.D. student in the cognitive area at UIUC. He is interested in both how people make complex decisions and how people perceive and remember about themselves and the rest of the world. As a result, he uses a combination of research methodologies such as behavioral research, computational modeling, and electrophysiology. The main goal of his research is to test and develop new cognitive theories and models that encompass a diverse population and linking perception and comprehension. In his free time, Will enjoys playing the Violin, working on his car, exploring local breweries, and refining his espresso-making techniques.


Aya Gomaa


Rachel Myers

Rachel is a first year PhD student. She received her B.A. in Psychology from Princeton University in 2022.